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    Creekside Chiropractic in The Woodlands, Tomball, Spring, and Magnolia region has many different treatments and therapies to address different conditions. We are an alternative to pills and other medications that commonly come with side effects. At Creekside Chiropractic we address the pain and the cause of the pain.

    We use spinal manipulation, an adjustment, to help alleviate pain and relieve muscle tension in most areas of the body. When a vertebrae is not where it should be then on one side or the other, there is a strong possibility that a nerve is being encroached upon, disallowing it to function at its full potential. We help make sure the nerves operate in  optimal conditions so that your body as whole can function at its full potential. In receiving an adjustment you will also increase your range of motion to the area the adjustment is applied. 

   To make sure our patients receive the best care possible we offer a variety of therapies in conjunction with adjustments to make sure every patient that leaves is performing at their best throughout the day. Some of the therapies we use include ..

  • Cold Laser- This therapy uses low level light waves to interact with tissue causing an anti-inflammatory reaction. It promotes the repair of tissue as well and is also used for post surgical recovery. Cold laser is used on arthritis, sprains, strains, recovering tears, temporomandibular joints, and most other pains. 

  •  Electrical Muscle Stimulation- Uses a small electric stimulation to stimulate muscles that are tight to help alleviate muscle tension and reduce inflammation. 

  • Decompression Therapy- Decompression Therapy Involves a newer technology that uses computer software to exact a pull on the lower back or neck, depending on disc location, to help decompress the disc that lays between vertebrae. This therapy is primarily used for patients with degenerative disc disease but can be used in other cases involving the spine that decompressing an area would benefit the patient. 

  • Cupping- Cupping uses a suction cup to draw blood to an area that you would like to speed recovery up in. By drawing the blood to the area we are increasing circulation and decreasing the amount of time needed to heal. 

  • Massage Therapy -Look at our massage therapy page for more information on the different types of massage therapies that we offer. Massage helps alleviate pain and reduce muscle tension and in some cases promote drainage of the lymphatics. 

  • Active Release Therapy is a technique that is used to alleviate muscle tension and pain. Popular among athletes and those starting a new workout class, as well as people with chronic low back or neck pain. 

  • IASTM, or Instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization, is used to help break down muscle tension. Its a more aggressive approach that is needed in more chronic cases of pain involving muscles and joints. 

 We use these modalities and therapies to rehab patients past and present injuries. After your exam on the first day a customized rehab program is designed just for you and the condition we are working on. We also have adjustment only plans to better serve the patients that are doing great and looking to keep it that way.

  Call or stop by to get more information on these different treatment options and the ones to arrive at Creekside Chiropractic in the near future. 

Find tips on low back injury prevention and stretches in the Blog section.

Find tips on low back injury prevention and stretches in the Blog section.

Sports Injury and Rehabilitation

Rehab in Tomball The Woodlands Spring Texas

What is rehabilitation?

Rehab is typically thought of as  the repair of the injured part of the body. Healing starts to take place immediately following an injury, and depending on the severity can vary on the time it takes to recover.  But it can also be leveling out muscle imbalances in the body, strengthening a muscle, improving fine motor skills to help prevent an injury. 

Our Rehab Approach

After the injury or on the first visit we do a comprehensive exam to make sure we are able to put together the best possible rehab protocol to treat your injury. We use noninvasive alternatives to medication such as therapies and active rehab exercises to return the patient to pre-injury status. This starts with a treatment plan that has been customized for each individual patient. 

We also help patients avoid injury. We have a number of different programs to help improve the patients overall helath and physical durability. We have strengthening exercises, stretching programs, soft tissue mobilization, micronutrient testing, and world class therapies to help facilitate the process. You can find out more about the micronutrient testing by calling or reading in the below "Nutrition" section.  We explore all options when making sure the patient is performing at their best every day. 

Results Matter

Results matter to you, so they matter to us. We measure how well we do based on how much we improved the patients status. We are not settling for feeling better than you did after the injury, we want you to feel and function better than you did before the injury. 

When to Get Started?

Whether you are actively in the middle of an exercise program or really busy all day at work. We have a program that will help not only improve your performance, but also how you feel while performing. From accountants during tax season to tri-athletes, we have something for everyone. 

In the Meantime

If you are unable to get in for an appointment soon with a recent injury, use ice at 15 minute intervals with at least an hour between icing sessions to manage the pain.  

For daily neck or lower back pain that sets in after working hard at work, utilize light stretching and ice as needed. 

If you strain or pull a muscle, use the RICE method. (Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation) Compression can be a tight sock or some athletic tape applied by someone who has been trained to do so. Cutting off circulation is not the compression we want on the injured area. 

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Schedule With Our Massage Therapist Today

massage in Tomball The Woodlands Spring Texas

Licensed Massage Therapist

Ready to help take your recovery to the next level or help make the week less painful, our massage therapist on staff will coordinate with the Chiropractor to make sure the massage is applied to give the best therapeutic benefits possible. 

massage in Tomball The Woodlands Spring Texas

Sports Injury Therapeutic Massage

Whether its a throwing shoulder, or a running knee, we have multiple massage programs that target improving overall performance. 

massage in Tomball The Woodlands Spring Texas

Some of the conditions resolved........

  •  Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain
  • Lower back pain
  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Neck Pain
  • Calf Pain
  • Joint Pain
  • ect. 

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Nutrition and Supplement Program

The human body is amazing, and the potential of what it can do is extraordinary. Whether you are training for a marathon or starting a new job, your body performing at its best is vital. So we make sure that you are not limiting it. If the body is not getting the fuel, or proper nutrition to support the amazing things that it does then it is not going to be functioning at its true potential. We look to your blood to find which nutrients and enzymes are depleted. Then we sit down together and discuss what needs to be supplemented into your diet to get rid of the limiting factors.            

Have you noticed feeling fatigued earlier in the day than you would like? Have you felt like there is a brain fog keeping you from answering questions you normally do? There are many neurotransmitters in the body that work together to activate the pathways responsible for these task. With our program, we seek out the limits to these pathways and eliminate them. A Maserati looks really cool and performs at a high level, but with no fuel its just a statue of a car that does have fuel. Don't be statue at work or at the next race, schedule your nutritional consult today and we will get you performing at the pace you should be. 

Interested in starting to exercise, lose weight, or both? We will only discuss it if you are ready to take that next step but we love talking to you and helping you develop the best weight loss plan for YOU. In regards to nutrition I will breakdown the times its best to eat and what types of foods to eat depending on YOUR exercise schedule and the results of your blood analysis if applicable.  

No matter the scenario, we have something to offer that will improve your overall function. Call today to schedule your physical exam and take that next step in your performance. 

Chiropractor in Tomball The Woodlands Spring Texas

Chiropractor in Tomball The Woodlands Spring Texas

Cupping Now Available

Another Recovery Tool

cupping in Tomball The Woodlands Spring Texas

Widely used in the sports industry by therapist all over the world, cupping is starting to become a more commonly used form of recovery with everyday pain. 

How it works?

cupping for back pain in Tomball The Woodlands Spring Texas

It uses suction to draw blood to the area of the injury or pain therefore providing more oxygenation to the area. This decreases the amount of time spent healing. 

Side Effects?

Function improved in Tomball The Woodlands Spring Texas

Only some bruising that follows the shape of the suction cups used. Depending on the type of injury or issue being addressed the price can vary but is very affordable. 


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