We Take Most Major Insurances



  • BCBS
  • Aetna
  • UHC
  • Medicare
  • We also take some smaller companies insurance. Please call or stop by to verify. 

Call Ahead

It is absolutely fine if you are unable to give us your insurance information ahead of your appointment. If you are able to get us your information before your appointment, most of the time we will have your benefits information ready for you when you arrive. 

Don't have insurance?

That is ok! We will work with you to find a treatment plan within the budget. We have an array of therapies and treatments we use to customize your path to feeling better. 

Not Sure If Your Insurance Covers Chiropractic Care?

Don't worry about searching for the answer. We will take the time to find out for you and if you give us the insurance information before your appointment we can usually know by the time you arrive. 

- We take Insurance in Tomball, We take Insurance in Spring, We take Insurance in The Woodlands

Insurance Not Listed above

Every year new rules and regulations come out that change some peoples benefits. If you have an insurance not listed above call us and let us know what it is and we will see if you are covered. A lot of local insurance companies are sub-groups of the major companies even if the major company is not listed on the card. Because of this many people assume they can not use their insurance. Just call or come by and we will take the time to figure out your benefits and how to best utilize your coverage. 


Price of service varies for everyone, depending on the condition they arrive with, their insurance, and what treatment the doctor prescribes. All cost will be discussed before the service is rendered so that you understand exactly what and why we are doing the service and its cost. Schedule a free consultation today to get more information.