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Chiropractic Care

Chiropractic care involves a non-invasive treatment, normally an adjustment, to increase motion to an area of the body while decreasing pain. An adjustment is a quick non-painful pressure applied at the correct joint angle freeing the area from restriction allowing the body and nerve function to operate more efficiently. At Creekside Chiropractic we combine the adjustment with some of our state of the art therapies to increase the effectiveness of your treatment and offer the best possible care to all of our patients. 

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Meet Dr. Burleson

Dr. Tate Burleson grew up in west Texas before heading east to College Station to attend Texas A&M University to study Biology and eventually meet his future wife Alex. After graduation, Dr. Burleson went on to get his Doctorate in Chiropractic. The last few years he has been practicing in the Montgomery and Woodlands area. With extensive experience in treating families, students, professional athletes, and children of all ages, Dr. Burleson has something to offer for everyone at Creekside Chiropractic.  By combining quality Chiropractic care with top of the line therapy equipment, Dr. Burleson is able to go that extra step for each patient that comes into the clinic.  


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Treatment Options

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  At Creekside Chiropractic The Woodlands, TX we work with patients to help them reach their long term health goals. 

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Chiropractic Care Near You

Residing on Kuykendahl road that borders Tomball, The Woodlands, Spring, and Magnolia Texas, Creekside Chiropractic is an easy drive away to take that next step in your health. 

Whether its general health, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, sciatica, disc problems, herniations, sports injury, weight loss, or neuropathy, we will help you reach that next goal.

Motivated by the results we see from the patients we treat, we are continuing to stay up to date and lead in quality of care, therapeutic technology, and wellness. Creekside Chiropractic is excited to be part of the great community surrounding us, and looks forward to the years ahead.  

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