Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ at Chiropractor in Tomball The Woodlands Texas

Can you help with arthritis pain?

Yes we can. Every patient not only has a condition that acts and responds differently to care. Because of this, we offer a multitude of different therapies and treatment options to make sure we find the right formula for you. Cold laser combined with adjustments are very popular among our patients that have arthritis pain, but it is not necessary for every patient with this pain. After the initial exam, we will determine the best course of action for each patient. 

Do you take same day appointments?

Yes we do. We always prefer a call ahead or scheduled appointment for the patients own benefit but we absolutely will make sure to get you taken care of the same day. We work to verify your insurance benefits and perform a thorough exam while respecting your time and comfort. 

What if I do not have health insurance?

That's ok, we will still get you taken care of. We have cash prices for every service we offer and will work with the patient as well advise the patient before services are performed, how much it would cost to make sure we treat you within your budget.

Are you on the first floor of the building?

Yes we are on the first and only floor of the building and we have handicap accessible parking, ramps, and entry ways. No worries if you are struggling to get around. Please call ahead if you need any assistance getting in or out of the vehicle and we will be happy to meet you outside. 

Does my health insurance cover my chiropractic visit?

Some health insurances do and some do not. Some cover a portion of the services and some do not. But luckily we can check on that before your appointment so you know when you are here how much each service will cost. We also bill out for each patient so that they do not have to worry about the burden and if the insurance comes back covering a service that they originally did not, we will make sure to reach out and let you know.

Can you help with nerve pain or neruopathy?

We have seen increases in feeling and function in patients with neuropathy. There are many different case types and some of which we will not be able to help with. In these cases, we make sure you have a patient backed and Creekside Chiropractic approved referral. We will help with the navigation of where to go next to get this problem solved to help remove some of the stress. We have had great success working with neurologist in the area and take our referrals very seriously.